For the superyacht magazine Privatsea

Griff Rhys Jones answers questions for Privatsea Magazine about the classic wooden yacht Argyll

Q. When did you buy your yacht, and what was the process?

We bought Argyll about two years ago now. She was in a shed in Falmouth, undergoing even more maintenance, and she was already a beautifully presented vessel. I was looking for an S&S yawl of this period, having been told that they were the thing to have.

Q. What attributes were you looking for in your yacht (spaces/bedrooms/charter capability etc)

Beauty in classic yachts is a major factor. But she is also incredibly sea worthy and fast. We are doing what we can to lighten her and get her fighting fit. But it is fun to soar past modern yachts. She has taken us up a class in racing and now has to struggle with the big boys, there are very good yachts and very, very good crews now racing in her division in classic regattas. You may be surprised at how hard these exquisite international treasures are raced. I was. (more…)

Racing in the Barcelona Regatta

Griff Rhys Jones tells the Story

I thought we hit something. There was a sort of jolt. The entire boat juddered. The crew, hanging on the upwind side, ten feet above the water, with Argyll heeling hard in a blustering breeze out of the south west, started shouting. I leaned over, looking for an outsized lobster pot or a balk of timber, or one of those famous urban-mythical, missing semi-submerged containers that float just below the surface, defying intelligence and the laws of physics. There was nothing. We seemed to be charging on. 

“Looff up!” The French skipper, Alex, was calling me, in the mildly hectoring tone of a Marseilles fish-wife. He was pointing upwards. I craned around the main-sail, did as ordered and luffed up. (more…)